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07-05-2014 - Vic Firth Performance Spotlight: VF Signature Artist Ed Saindon - "Danny Boy"

05-31-2014 - NEW YT CLIPS of MILAN CLINIC -

Excerpt of vibraphone and improvisation clinic in Milan, May 16th, 2014. This segment addresses solo playing on Body and Soul along with voicings and harmonic practices including symmetrical diminished scale lines and voicings. Link:

04-30-2014 - New Audioclips on SoundCloud

New audioclips have been uploaded to SoundCloud. Clips are from vibes/bass duo gig on April 19th, 2014 at Li's restaurant in Haverhill, MA.

02-25-2014 - New FB page for Vibists - Solo Vibraphone Playing.

Page includes posts and videoclips addressing solo vibraphone playing. Here's the link:


A solo vibraphone interpretation of the classic Alfonsina y el Mar has been just uploaded to YT. Here's the link to view the clip: