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05-26-2015 - Joe Locke's new recording

Joe's new recording "Love is a Pendulum" had just been released. A must have recording. Fantastic writing and playing be Joe. And a superb lineup of musicians.

05-23-2015 - 6 New Clips - Vibes/Bass Duo

6 videoclips with bassist Mark Carlsen now up on my YT channel. These clips are from a duo gig that we do regularly at an Asian restaurant.

05-14-2015 - New Solo Vibe clip of "Alone Together" from Vic Firth

A new solo vibe clip taped at Berklee by the Vic Firth production team was just released on the Vic Firth YouTube channel.

05-02-2015 - Waltz For Debby Solo Vibes Clip

We just uploaded a new solo vibe clip of the Bill Evans' classic Waltz For Debby. It's up now on my YT channel.

03-29-2015 - New YT clip featuring Vibes, Clarinet and Bass

New clips have been uploaded to my YT channel. Footage is from a recording session featuring clarinet, vibes and upright bass.